7 Cures for a Lean Wallet – The Road to Wealth

‘When youth comes to age for advice, he receives the wisdom of years.  But too often does youth think that age knows only the wisdom of days that are gone, and therefore profits not.  But remember this, the sun that shines today is the sun that shone when thy father was born and will still be shinning when thy last grandchild shall pass into the darkness’. This is a short excerpt from the most inspiring book on wealth ever written, “The RICHEST MAN in BABYLON”.  Every single sentence in this book is one to run with. The excerpt is just one among too many others.

  1. A Part of All You Earn is Yours to Keep:  A great desire for wealth is the first journey to the cure for a lean purse.We pay to everyone but ourselves, (supermarkets, markets, garage, churches, food, tailor, clothing etc.) We labour for others but never for ourselves.  Instead, keep a tenth of all you earn.  Wealth grows from a tiny seed.  The first coin you save is the seed from which your tree of wealth shall grow and the sooner you plant that seed, the sooner it shall grow. Faithfully, if you nourish and water that tree with consistent savings, you will bask in contentment beneath its shade sooner. Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.
  2. Control Your Expenditures: What we refer to as ‘necessary expenses’ will always grow to equal incomes unless we protest to the contrary. Therefore, it’s important to budget your expenses so that you may have coins to pay for your necessities, to pay for your enjoyments and to gratify your worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of your earnings.
  3. Make your Savings Multiply: Saving is gratifying but more rewarding is the earnings the savings will make, building yourself a fortune. Wealth will not be in the savings put in the wallet but in the income you build, the golden stream that continually flows into your purse and keeps it bulging.  Invest your savings so that it reproduces more wealth that will flow constantly into your wallet.
  4. Guard Your Treasures From Loss: ‘Misfortunes love a shining mark’.   The penalty for risk is a probable loss. Before parting with your savings, have as much knowledge on where you are investing.  Do not be misled by the ‘get rich quick’ schemes.  Before you loan it to anyone, be assured of his ability and reputation to repay for in doing so, you will not unwittingly make him a present of your hard-earned savings. More so, consulting the wisdom of those experienced in handling money for profit is always recommended.  Guard your savings from loss by investing only where your principal is safe. Consult those experienced in the profitable handling of savings.  Let their wisdom protect your savings from unsafe investments.
  5. Make of Your Dwelling A Profitable Investment: You pay to landlords liberal rentals for rooms where space is limited and children have no place to play. It is not beyond the ability of any well intentioned man to own his home.  The money lenders gladly consider the desires of men who seek homes and land for their families.  If you can show a reasonable portion of the necessary sum which you yourself has provided for the purpose, ready too are the lending institutions for this worthy course.  When the house is built, you then pay the money lender with the same regularity as you did pay the landlord.  Each payment will reduce your debt to the money lender and in a few years will complete his loan. Your heart will be glad because you will own in your own right a valuable property whose only demand will be annual land rates. Therefore, the fifth cure for a lean purse is to own your own home.
  6. Insure a future income: It behooves a man to make preparation for a suitable income in the days to come, when he is no longer young, and to make preparations for his family should he be no longer with them to comfort and support them. There are diverse ways by which you may provide with safety for your future.  You may buy houses or lands for this purpose.  If wisely chosen as to their usefulness and value in the future, they are permanent in their value and their earnings or their sale will provide well for your purpose.  Therefore, provide in advance for the needs of your growing age and the protection of your family.
  7. Increase Your Ability to Earn: The more of wisdom you have, the more you may earn. Seek to learn more of your craft to be richly rewarded.  If you are an artisan, you may seek to learn the methods and the tools of those most skillful in the same line.  If you are a merchant, continually seek better goods that can be purchased at lower prices.  Therefore, cultivate your own powers to study and become wiser in order to be more skillful, to climb on that .

Next, I shall write about meeting the GODDESS OF GOOD LUCK.  Let’s all tune in find out about her existence.

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CHIVALRY and the modern world…

The other day was with some friends of mine, discussing business and when that was done, some little chitchat (read gossip) followed (before covid-19).  And after a night of both business and laughter, I was home.  In the middle of the night, I had an avalanche, found myself doing postmortem of that meeting and chivalry came up. I can almost swear I had a moment of clarity as I reasoned with myself and exchanged notes on my earlier conversation with friends.

Outdated Chivalry:

Is chivalry outdated or so ancient that it no longer exists in this modern world we live in today?  We grew up with such tales of a man from a certain class or rank, having to fight a certain demon, pursue a certain challenge or win a certain battle in order to get a damsel (not necessarily in distress) from a family whose social standing in the society was higher from other families. Another example; Think about the computer game Prince of Persia.  It’s about this Knight in shining amour having to go through several hurdles in order to get to the Damsel, only she is not in distress.  But this prince has to show his strengths to warrant this girl’s hand in marriage otherwise he would not pass for a real man. I’d want to play this game now though, when I know so much about love and life, acts and honorability.

Modern Chivalry:

Our greatest bone of contention in our discussion this evening was on modern Chivalry. That it is dead. And that if it still exists, then it is outdated, and no longer applies to the modern world and its interactions. You know, where a man would help a lady with his jacket if cold

Most striking points that came up in this debate is how there’s a lack of courtesy from the opposite sex, to mean the male counterparts. A majority of us want to be opened for our car doors (and close), we want our seats pulled out (and in) as we take a sit in that ‘A’ class restaurant, we want doors held out for us. The list can be endless. Simple tasks, we argued, yet so hard to be performed.  Clearly they are not simple as we tend to think!

Well, it may be true that this version of chivalry is incompatible with the modern sensibilities, that it belongs to an era where human understanding of gender and equality was probably skewed and obviously distorted to favour men. But, in my thoughts, what if one was to exchange protection of women for respect for women and translate this to mean chivalry? It may look a seemingly insignificant change, yet this small alteration for an outdated code, strikingly becomes vital in the modern day, and can be translated to the olden times chivalry. The modern world dictates the best way to protect a woman is to recognize her strength as well as her personal agency.  Personal agency being a critical ingredient in any type of healthy collaborative effort, be it a personal relationship or the corporate world you are involved in.  Isn’t this modern chivalry?

Classical Chivalry:

‘Classic’ isn’t a word to throw around just like that.  Yet this is what I think chivalry should be all about.  Traits such as courage, willingness to help those in distress (not just the damsels), courtesy and use of courteous words, the magic words (remember those words that won us gifts when we were young?).  These positive deeds, in our modern world where everyone is in the fast lane, more often than not get ignored and yet they translate to classic chivalry. These are not skewed to favour a certain gender; they are for all of us.  Chivalry should be for all of us.  Whether at home and at our ‘abouts’.  In the hurry of our modern fast world, these traits often get ignored.

If we could embrace the ancient traits, pull them into the modern day chilvary, we can all find our own classic chivalry to combat the numbness of the modern person. How many times have we let doors slam into the person behind us? We have put our own safety before social change. We have often turned our faces away from those with extended hands and empty stomachs. It’s time we revived chivalry.  Because it is not dead, it has never changed, it has only evolved .

The modern world has changed the Knights in the shining amour.  We no longer have damsels in distress.  Instead, we are a people.  We have evolved.  Life has happened.  And we happened. Let’s put some coins in that cup, let’s march with the brave, help the elderly cross that busy road and hold open the door for those right behind you; a few seconds won’t make you any more late to that meeting than you already are! Days and into the coming years, receive with warmth this person who comes home tired, walk to that door (don’t honk), slow down (or politely hoot) for that pedestrian overtaken by thoughts in the middle of the road, take turns paying for that coffee (or meal), be considerate of your partner’s financial status (regardless of gender and status quo), engage with your date real time (don’t spend the whole time on your phone), be respectful of his and her limits.  Be a knight, be a Damsel (not in distress), and extend chivalry, no matter their gender or yours.  Not just to your date but to your peers too.  There’s a whole list of deeds that truly and well define chivalry. Add to this list. They say chivalry is dead, or does not exist anymore, but it is just downed and winded, ready to rise again now, ready when you are.

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Misled, forever, most times…

They wont invite you to their condos.  But they will keep asking to come for tea at yours.  Yet, every appearance you make, anywhere, turns suspicious – to them.

You can’t drop by just because you passed by their hood.  Because even that drop by to only say hello is suspicious.  To them. You are fine with that.  In fact, you love it at your place mostly, most times.

How about a simple phone call or text?  NO.  you cant do that.  Because any text or call turns suspicious.  After all, why are you so keen at being friends?  Its suspicious in itself!

You can offer her a ride.  Only her.  Because otherwise, it becomes suspicious.  Picture this:  You are on your way to church.  The timings just right.  After all, you are driving.  And in a short while, you will bet there.  On your way, you see him walking.  He’s dressed for church.  You are sure about that because his footsteps are hurried to the direction of the church.  But obviously, he will be late.  That time is kinda late for anyone walking to church.  But you know what, you will just drive right past him.  You can’t offer a lift.  Are you asking why? No the car is not full.  In fact, its got space for another two or three persons.  But you can’t.  Because that lift will be interpreted.  Its suspicious already!  So you drive by and hope he eventually gets there on time.  Your motive and conscious is very clear.  But misinterpreted on the other end?

Here’s the big one:  Its that time of week when bible study happens.  Since it’s in your immediate neighbour’s home, you decide to attend.  Purely for the benefit that comes with such.  But you are suspected for other motives.  First, its a surprise you are there.  Yet she invited you (she’s the one who gave you the thumbs up), second, whats her motive (she wonders!)?

This energy is so much that you feel it all the time.  But with a clear conscious, there’s little you can do.  you only keep hoping that eventually they will know what you are made of.  You owe no one an explanation. You also avoid anything that can incriminate you.  And here is the other thing.  This energy is felt by him too.  He wonders what the hulla balloo is all about.  He gets curious. Not because you are an ‘X’ factor kinda person (but wait, may be you are?!).  She makes him think there’s more than what he sees.  So he embarks on a journey.  He wants to find out whats so special about you.  That guns go blazing each time you are mentioned or seen in the hood.  Remember that’s your hood too.  You ain’t trespassing at all.  Hes curious.  And with each repulsive energy emitted by her, an attraction spark is emitted.  Soon or later, all this gets to the both of us. I want to know what he’s all about to warrant this ‘g4s’ kinda protection.  He wants to know what you are about to warrant this much ‘keep off’ vibe.


The attraction starts.  He’ll check you out at every opportunity he has in her absence.  This energy is so much that you feel it even when across the room.  Its good energy.  Unlike the other one.  Its warm.  Its curious.  Good curious.  You have faced so much rejection from his folk and others that you are curious too, to know what hes made of.  You want to find out what’s this he got that’s so specially guarded, regardless.

The feeling, therefore, becomes mutual. You will check him out at every opportunity.  Of course it wont be obvious.  But from the moment his energy was emitted to you, you are keen.  You are macho.  You wanna know what he’s all about.  You both wanna know what you are about.  You didn’t initiate the feeling.  It was initiated, and you can’t stop it now.. Till you know what you are both all about.  (read love).  Mutual feelings can be something.  We all know that.  For as long as they last.

She didn’t wanna go there.  But you, good neighbour, so started it.  And now she won’t stop.  Neither will he.  The revenge mission must be completed.  Remember the feeling is now mutual?  There’s no stopping now,  unfortunately.  For all the times you second guessed her while: innocently taking a stroll in her neighbourhood which too is your neighbourhood, for saying hello to him as a neighbour without other intentions, for coincidentally sharing the same pew in church with him without premeditation, etc.  She didn’t deserve it.  Mostly because she believes she had not given you any reason to second guess her as otherwise.  Her morals are straight.  But you black sheep(ed) her. now she feels, you made your bed, its time to lie on it.  Coz its her time. She will take it as far as it can go.  You have not met a woman on a revenge mission.  Have you?  and eventually, when all ends, it will just be a chapter in her book. You will have worked behind the scenes on that chapter.  But you will have created all the cast characters as well as the scene!  Its a chapter that had to be written for her, and for others like her, who are forever misled.

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THINKING AHEAD…or so i think?

How many wonder how it shall be after lockdown, #stayhome is over?  So many things run through my wild mind.  But one that tops the list?  Your good is as good as mine.  How many babies shall be born in Jan\Feb\March next year.  Realistic mind i’d call it.  while some may think crazy (lol), Its a reality, to happen in a few months.  In fact, the question is, are you also in that category?  good news right there, right?  i know!!!  The answer though is YES and NO.

YES that to some, it shall have been anticipated.  They have been trying, and lockdown couldn’t have offered a better chance for conception to happen. (and)NO, because we all know how these family planning methods fail sometimes and end up surprising quite a number of us.  Anyho, a baby is a gift, its an immeasurable wealth.  Those that haven’t figured how that is, i could help break that down.  in a different post though.  But to majority of us, its such a gift.  The best wealth anyone can have.  Moving on now,

Who’s been to the city lately?

1. Traffic Jam:

its a thing of the past.  Private motorists headed to the CBD always avoid the globe roundabout. We all know that’s where the mother and father of all traffic jam lives.   They prefer Waiyaki way all through Uhuru highway. But you know what, i dare you now.  Go to town via globe roudabout.  You’ll be in town in a snappy.  Because roads are clear like that (insert a smiley)

2. CBD Streets

Tom Mboya and Ronald Ngala are among the busiest streets in the streets of Nairobi city.  The most congested, followed by Kirinyaga road and River road and the rest follow.  But i dare you now, first, wear your stilettos or your favourite heels, (ladies), coz right now, these busy streets of Nairobi are the best to practice your cat walk skills.  They are that free.  For now.

3.  Parking in the CBD

How many of you take a matatu to town rather than drive due to lack of parking space?  the parking is a menace. We all know that (or at least we’ve heard that complain one too many times).  Right now, however, the narrative is different.  Are you in need of an errand whose direction finds you in the city centre? Take a break from the matatus and instead, enjoy a comfortable ride inside your air conditioned car, giving you a reduced worry of a covid contact and drive yourself to town.  What more, which side are you interested in?  please dont park on that other street.  No please.   Instead, drive yourself all the way, parking is in plenty.  Everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE. You even have an opportunity to actually park where you want, next to the car of your choice, and better still, move around one street to another, not walking, but driving!  aahhh…. such a breath of fresh air!!!

4. End of suffocation

How often have you struggled for a breath of fresh air, early morning, in a bus filled to capacity, and the person sitting next to the window trys with all might, to make sure the window is airtight closed? making sure no ‘outside’ air penetrates into the bus through that window.  And you are there wondering what happened to love of these natural given need for air, and not just air, FRESH AIR..  I mean, there’s a reason why we aerate our houses especially the bedroom when you wake up.  Air is good.  Its actually a necessity. But fresh air is best.  You wont die for inhaling stale air but realise how difficult breathing it is? Breathing in someone else’s fart, body odour, someones breath (even if they just bought a juicy fruit to freshen up) isn’t anyone’s cup of tea at all.  Its still not comparable to that free, fresh and unpolluted air realised in the morning before the world fills it with activities, mostly polluting that lovely morning air. There is so much to say about this morning fresh air after pollution ….. different perfumes, mutura guys, roast maize manenos, a jiko here and a jiko there, boiling eggs open air….

One passenger per seat is the new norm.  If this doesn’t spell COMFORT i don’t know what will! As much as comfort comes with a price, except for the hard economy, its such a joy!  the price is considerable too (well….so  i think?) and for what you are getting, its such a welcome temporal change that i hope everyone will enjoy at one time before #stayhome comes to an end.

So worry not, hurry up, get into that your favourite matatu coz you are riding business class or VIP till further notice.  VIP is good, right?


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Love, disturbed

St. Francis hospital. 11.34am and we are seated on line waiting to pay consultation. This young lady has a baby crying. She is not holding the baby, the baby is lying covered on the bench. She is not perturbed by the cries. my attention shifts from baby to the mother, or i hope she is. Her mind seems far away. Far away to hear the baby crying. Not happy looking at all. And i get hurt. Hurt that the baby is in need, hurt that the mum is unhappy with something, hurt that the mom is distubed, hurt by just knowing she should not be there alone….am disturbed. The more i think about her and listen to the cries of this little innocent soul, the more i get emotionally disturbed. May be the baby is hungry, may be the mom knows it, may be she has nothing on her, may be she has no hopes of her next meal….may be the child is hurting from being unwell, after all they are visiting the hospital, may be mom doesnt know what next and extent of illness. She just does not know anything anymoe…..and i do not know what to do. So i say a prayer silently for her. And for the bab. That they will be fine. They will be fine because there is a God somewhere. They will be fine because God loves that little one so much. They will be fine because God loves this young woman so endless for her great choice. A great choice to se he baby well. They will be fine. And the will be provided for. Meanwhile, mom pls take heart, coz it will be well. Take courage. Because temptations are ther to nly tt us, but neve to destroy.

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Little ones

He is the most adorable, cutest thing i ever had. And to think i’d hoped for a girl….can’t even trade him for anything. How can God love me so much, so unconditionally? I mean, really the only times i would remember Him was when i had problems. He is so awesomely loving! Now i find myself thanking Him much oftenly especially when i look at the both of them. The first one i call him often by his nickname ‘abujabuji’. Being his first word and used to love it. And this tiny one right here beside me, he’ too cute and no nickname as yet. However, my love word for him is pumkin.

are all babies this beautiful? Obviously i cant be the only lucky one here….amazing how cute they all are yet each mom finds hers cutest!

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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